E-comm.plus is your partner in your e-commerce business. With our multi-channel selling tools and online business management services, you will expand your customer reach and grow your online selling.

Dream Club LTD. is a company with focus on developing web-based software and e-commerce solutions. We have expertise and solid programming base using all the latest web technologies and staying on the wave with the latest in the world of e-commerce.

We created e-comm+ to answer the need to automate multi-channel online selling and make life easier and more organized for online sellers of all sizes.

Whether your online business strategy is focused on traditional e-commerce with centralized inventory fed to multiple selling channels or you have chosen the dropshipping business model between marketplaces, our tools and services will help you manage your online business and achieve better results.

E-comm+ is an online e-commerce management platform hosting a full suite of professional selling and accounting tools. For us growing and development is a constant process, so we are always working on our platform and adding new features.

Whether you're an experienced seller or an aspiring start-up, don't hesitate - join today and level-up your e-commerce success!