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Fixed Low Monthly Service Fee

Flexible per-item-fee that gives you more control

Fees & Invoices fees are calculated based on highest daily checked active listings/items, at the first day of every new calendar month. The monthly service fees invoice is issued for the prior calendar month of account activation.

Start Up Account

  • Unlimited time FREE limited access to system
  • Up to 150 free synced inventory items

Professional Seller Account

  • Fixed 19.95 EUR monthly fee
  • Unlimited system access
  • Included tracking and repricing for 300 listings
  • Flexible pay as you go fee of 0,002 EUR per listing/daily* for every additional listing after first 300

*Example: in a 24-hour period our service checks one time 850 listings, six times 855 and five times 860 listings.
We calculate your daily fees at maximal checked listings. 860 – 300 = 560 x 0,002 EUR = 1,12 EUR daily service fee.
If you have 860 active listings you will receive final fee: 30 days x 1,12 EUR = 33,6 EUR + 19,95 EUR = 53.55 EUR incl. 20% VAT

  • For sellers with inventory volumes of 2500 items and more, daily fee per managed item is 0,0015 EUR

For every monthly payment will issue invoice based on EU/Bulgarian finance regulation. Please fill out correctly your personal/Company information in your User Account settings.

Monthly invoice is calculated on the 1-st day of each month for the previous monthly period. The generated invoice amount is displayed on the Dashboard. Payment due is required until the 15-th day of the calendar month. If payment is not initiated by 15-th, on 16-th the associated user account is suspended until the invoice due is settled.

Fee Calculator

Calculate your monthly fees using the formula:
item count x fee per listing x calendar month days + fixed monthly fee = monthly fee

*The monthly fee example calculations are based on 30-day calendar month

*monthly fee total should be about 5% of your expected monthly profit based on your inventory volume

Enter Items Count above

Start-Up Account

  • Free account to get you started
  • Up to 150 free synched inventory items
  • Limited system access to inventory management and listing automation tools
  • Great support to put you up and running
  • No strings attached
  • Suitable for trial and e-commerce start-ups

Proffesional Seller Account

  • Fixed 19.95 EUR monthly fee + Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing system
  • Unlimited system access. All the tools needed for managing and running large-scale e-commerce business
  • Included tracking and repricing for 300 listings
  • Flexible pay as you go fee of 0,002 EUR per listing/daily* for every additional listing after first 300
  • Full and personalized support tailored to your business needs
  • Suitable for professional e-commerce sellers
  • Scalable and flexible pay-as-you-go plan for professional sellers and enterprise e-commerce businesses
The best way to get to know this platform is to try it out now! So, take a plunge!
Because for us it is important to know personally every one of our Clients we kindly ask you to create a free trial account and request activation of Professional Seller account at:
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