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Fixed Low Monthly Service Fee

Flexible per-item-fee that gives you more control

Fees & Invoices fees are calculated based on highest daily checked active listings/items, at the first day of every new calendar month. The monthly service fees invoice is issued for the prior calendar month of account activation.

Start Up Account

  • Unlimited time FREE limited access to system
  • Up to 150 free synced inventory items

Professional Seller Account

  • Fixed 19.95 EUR monthly fee
  • Unlimited system access
  • Included tracking and repricing for 300 listings
  • Flexible pay as you go fee of 0,002 EUR per listing/daily* for every additional listing after first 300

*Example: in a 24-hour period our service checks one time 850 listings, six times 855 and five times 860 listings.
We calculate your daily fees at maximal checked listings. 860 – 300 = 560 x 0,002 EUR = 1,12 EUR daily service fee.
If you have 860 active listings you will receive final fee: 30 days x 1,12 EUR = 33,6 EUR + 19,95 EUR = 53.55 EUR incl. 20% VAT

  • For sellers with inventory volumes of 2500 items and more, daily fee per managed item is 0,0015 EUR

For every monthly payment will issue invoice based on EU/Bulgarian finance regulation. Please fill out correctly your personal/Company information in your User Account settings.

Monthly invoice is calculated on the 1-st day of each month for the previous monthly period. The generated invoice amount is displayed on the Dashboard. Payment due is required until the 15-th day of the calendar month. If payment is not initiated by 15-th, on 16-th the associated user account is suspended until the invoice due is settled.

Fee Calculator

Calculate your monthly fees using the formula:
item count x fee per listing x calendar month days + fixed monthly fee = monthly fee

*The monthly fee example calculations are based on 30-day calendar month

*monthly fee total should be about 5% of your expected monthly profit based on your inventory volume

Enter Items Count above

Start-Up Account

  • Free account to get you started
  • Up to 150 free synched inventory items
  • Limited system access
  • Great support to put you up and running
  • No strings attached
  • Default account gateway to register in the Platform
  • Use this account type to gain access to the backend. Take a look around. See the user interface. Import your existing eBay inventory and link it to source listings on other marketplaces.
  • Ready to go Pro? Just follow the contact link at your User Dashboard to request Professional Account activation. Free full system access for up to 45 days*

Professional Seller Account

  • Fixed 19.95 EUR monthly fee + Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing system
  • Unlimited system access. All the tools needed for managing and running large-scale e-commerce business
  • Included tracking and repricing for 300 listings
  • Flexible pay as you go fee of 0,002 EUR per listing/daily for every additional listing after first 300
  • Full and personalized support tailored to your business needs
  • Suitable for professional e-commerce sellers
  • Scalable and flexible pay-as-you-go plan for professional sellers and enterprise e-commerce businesses

The best way to get to know this platform is to try it out now! So, take a plunge!

*Monthly invoice is calculated on the 1-st day of each month for the previous month. The invoice is due on the 15-th. Thus, if you request Professional Account trial activation at the beginning of the month, you'll have 45 days before payment is due.

Trial period not enough? If you need more time to evaluate our software, you can contact us with request to extend your Professional Trial.

We believe that happy users are loyal users. We invite you to try our system, if you're not happy with it, just don't pay your bill at the end of your Professional Account trial period. Simple. As we said, no strings attached!

Because for us it is important to know personally every one of our Clients we kindly ask you to create a free trial account and request activation of Professional Seller account at:
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